Five Magnitudes is headed by veteran content strategist and marketer, John McCrory.

Portrait of John McCrory

John McCrory has been working at the intersection of marketing and digital technology for more than two decades. 

Starting in publishing, John ran the direct mail program for Simon & Schuster, pioneering digital marketing when he hand-coded the first web site of any publisher to sell books on the internet directly to readers. 

Next, he oversaw the transition to digital marketing and communications for a prestigious nonprofit and one of the world’s leading law schools for intellectual property. Years before they became common, John was using blogs, wikis, and social media to build these organizations’ brands and advance engagement with their key constituents. 

Starting in 2000, when there were few commercial content management systems, he developed and coded custom CMSes that integrated web and email and handled workflow and status tracking, first in a Microsoft environment with Visual Basic and SQL Server, and then recreated from scratch on a LAMP platform in Perl, PHP and MySQL.

From 2013 to 2017, drawing on his background in user experience, technology, design, marketing, and editorial, John grew the content strategy practice at global digital agency Huge, expanding it from a subsidiary of UX to a core of Huge’s strategy offering. He developed the largest and most-experienced content strategy team of any agency in the world, serving clients such as Apple, Google, American Express, Target, Morgan Stanley, MassMutual, Credit Suisse and Verizon.

Since starting Five Magnitudes, John has been bringing his expertise to leaders around the world who are engaged in fundamental transformation of their organizations’ digital capabilities. He helps leaders grow and mature their content capabilities across strategy, UX, e-commerce, tech, and editorial teams.

John lives outside New York City with his wife and two sons. He and his family are involved in scouting, their congregation, and community gardening that fights hunger by providing fresh, locally-grown produce to food pantries.